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Specific Task & Assignment

Outsourcing & Specific Tasks:

Over a period, CVCO has developed experience and expertise in below mentioned specific tasks:

Fixed Assets Verification: Every company needs to verify the assets as per books physically once in three years and report the discrepancies thereon. Many companies are scattered all around, and in books huge amount is lying in fixed assets which needs to be monitored and controlled. At CVCO, we undertake the assignment of Fixed Assets verification and report the discrepancies of the assets to the management
Stock Audit: At CVCO, we do undertake the assignment of verification of stock which may be lying at Factory, Godown or its Retail outlets. It is also mandatory for company to verify the stock as per books physically once in three years and report the discrepancies. None the less, business needs control, system & process and for this, periodic verification of stock is necessary. At CVCO, we understand the requirements and generate the effective stock audit report which can ultimately serve the purpose of the client.
Creating System and Process:Success of any business beyond a point depends on their internal system and process. Working for more no. of hours by the team without system & process may not give you the result as effective as the company which may generate with better system & process in minimum hours. At CVCO, we try to understand the business model and set the effective system and process which can generate the results better and better and take the company to new heights.
Payroll Outsourcing: We undertake the assignment of Payroll Outsourcing right from planning, calculating the payroll till compiling and filing the TDS returns, generating salary slips, salary certificates, etc
Tax Outsourcing: We undertake the assignment of calculating, compiling and filing various tax returns such as vat, service tax, TDS, etc and can provide end-to-end solutions in required segment